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Brisbane Broncos Number Plane Logo

Sunday, 20 September 2009 | 2 Comments

Last year, I posted the Melbourne Storm Number Plane Logo – and today, exactly one year later, purely by coincidence, I’ve made a Brisbane Broncos Number Place activity.

To make the design, I placed an image of the logo into GeoGebra and set it’s transparency to about 50%.

Then, I plotted points and connected with intervals. After a little tweaking (moving points around) I had a finished product.

To turn this into coordinates, I thought the Spreadsheet function in GeoGebra might help, so I used the “Record to Spreadsheet” pointer. However, whilst it placed the x,y coordinates into the spreadsheet, it did so all on one row, rather than a new row for each point. So, I manually entered them into Excel and then dumped into a Word document.

As an alternative to just drawing this logo, it’s a simple enough logo for the students to have a go at turning it into coordinates themselves.

Here’s a coloured in version:

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (?).

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Jeff Trevaskis on  22 September 09  at  01:14 PM #
This is a great idea Simon! I will try it out with some of the AFL football club logos. Thanks.
eneyland on  23 September 09  at  06:05 AM #
Great idea, I can imagine the boys at my school would especially love this. Thanks! 😊

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