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Relative Frequency - Investigation

Thursday, 23 April 2015 | 0 Comments

Probability is one of those topics where it's best to "see it".

In this activity, students with a 6-sided dice choose the 'winner'. Then, 10 rolls at a time, they tally rolls and then calculate the relative frequency as a fraction and a decimal.


Relative Frequency - worksheet

They do this for 50 rolls. On the reverse, students graph results for their chosen dice. The graph includes a line for the theoretical probability.

A nice result would be when the resulting line trends towards the theoretical probability, of course that is not always going to happen - a great discussion point.

In the Excel file, there are three different simulations:

  • 50 rolls randomly generated - this could be used to show that there are lot of different ways the results might look, however many of then trend towards the theoretical line.
  • 50 rolls , manual entry - this could be used to record one set of results with the class to demonstrate the calculations
  • 1000 rolls randomly generated - shows the trend towards the theoretical line, usually

Relative Frequency - excel worksheet

Download the files here:

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