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Sunday, 05 July 2009 | 4 Comments

Teacher’s throughout NSW DET schools are starting to receive their DER netbooks.

I got mine on Friday, and chose a bright red skin for the outside.


To give you an idea of the screen real-estate, here is a screenshot with GeoGebra open (click the thumbnail below for full-size).

Tomorrow I’m going to a training course run by PD4Maths about GeoGebra, I’m going to take along this little machine to get some practical experience using it.

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b on  05 July 09  at  05:34 AM #
Have you tried connecting it to an interactive whiteboard??


Simon Job on  05 July 09  at  05:39 AM #
No. But, as the Interactive Whiteboard in my classroom is an InterWrite - and the drivers for that are not installed on the machine, it's not going to work. It probably would work if the board was a SMART, as it has the software and drivers.
Brad Bennett on  05 July 09  at  06:23 AM #
Is Windows Aero disabled by default?


Simon Job on  05 July 09  at  06:40 AM #
By default a basic Windows Theme is selected, but you can switch to Aero, "see screenshot": (Being a Mac user, by Aero you mean the transparent window effect right?)

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