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Making a self-checking worksheet in Excel

Thursday, 14 July 2011 | 1 Comment

I’ve had interest in how I make self-checking worksheets using Excel.

When I first saw the idea of a self-checking worksheet it seemed to be simply an alternative to “drill and practise”. A self-checking worksheet takes drill and practise a step further with immediate feedback to the student. For example see the Time – Self-checking Excel Resources activity.

A high-level thinking use for a self-checking worksheet is as a scaffold for investigation and problem solving activities. For example try the Your Heartbeat activity on an earlier post.

I’d like more people to be be making resources like this (and sharing them 😊 ) so I can use them! So, here is a first video tutorial on making a self-checking worksheet in Excel (over on Vimeo).
This first tutorial makes a simple addition worksheets. My intention is to make some other tutorials for more interesting activites.

This tutorial assumes a fairly good working knowledge of Excel, i.e. formatting and using formulas. In posting this first tutorial, I’m looking for feedback/criticism on the level of explanation provided.

The worksheet that I create in the video is attached below.

Making a self-marking worksheet in Excel from Simon Job on Vimeo.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (?).

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Nordin Zuber on  15 July 11  at  12:14 AM #
Extremely clear explanation - video is great, clear voice, nice calm explanation - perfect for someone with basic/intermediate Excel skills.

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