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I’m off to big school

Saturday, 16 July 2011 | 1 Comment

... well, a bigger school.

The next step in my teaching career starts next week – I move to a different school.

This is both exciting and daunting.

Exciting because I finally get to teach Years 11 and 12 (seniors). Also, the school I am moving to has about double the number of students of my previous school.

Daunting because there is a lot to learn. Getting to grips with the content of Year 11 initially and then turning that into engaging lessons will keep me busy. Other teachers that started 5½ years ago are likely to already have taught seniors, I’m coming in as a novice.

It’s good for my web-sites, because I’ll finally be posting some senior content, eventually.

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Nordin Zuber on  16 July 11  at  11:46 PM #
Haha - welcome fellow novice then 😊 But seriously - you're not a novice - you've got years on us! You'll be flying within a few weeks - the content, especially in Year 11 is not that much different from Year 10 Stage 5.3, so long as you are comfortable and enjoy introductory calculus. Mind you - still have that 3 year hurdle to master how to teach the new content.... marathon not sprint 😊

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