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Equal areas in a circle

Monday, 24 November 2008 | 0 Comments

Trying to motivate Year 10 after the School Certificate Exams are completed is tough.  I like to use geometric design activities.  Whilst they seem like “fun”, or at least non-taxing on the brain – they get the students following a procedure, using geometric instruments and can be lead to a good discussion about the Mathematics of design.

This is a simple design seen on squareCircleZ.

Equal areas in a circle

The design is made by drawing semicircles along the diameter.  There are more instructions in the template.  Further detail and the Mathematics are available on CTK Insights.

I made a template, as that makes it easier to get the students started.  Students that finish quickly can extend the activity by drawing it from scratch and dividing the circle into more than five parts.

You can find this template and supporting files on MathsFaculty:

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