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Collecting data from a class

Thursday, 08 August 2013 · (0) Comments

Today, Year 8 did the Smartie Statistics activity. One of the problems in the past was collecting all the data from the students.

Number Sense Posters

Sunday, 17 March 2013 ·

For a few years, I’ve noticed that kids not only don’t know/struggle with their times tables, but also general ‘number sense’.

To a new teacher…

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 ·

A quote:

Learning math is like learning to play the piano. First menial arithmetic and endless scales, but then Chopin and one’s imagination. @mathematicsprof

Having done both (learn maths and learn the piano) I love this quote. I hated scales when learning the piano. It wasn’t till I had got through my many years of formal piano lessons that I understood how fundamental learning scales was to everything I can do on the piano. As teachers of maths, we face that same kid, trying to convince them that what they are learning now will bring them greater understanding later.

My classroom

Monday, 25 January 2010 ·

I really appreciate having my own classroom for many reasons, but one is the ability to place student work (the fun stuff) around the classroom.

Evidence of doing anything

Tuesday, 24 November 2009 ·

I think that each student using a netbook/laptop in your class presents some slightly different issues in Maths.

Handling the Inappropriate

Saturday, 24 October 2009 ·

Week 1 is over, and I need to reflect on what happen when I introduced laptops into my classroom.

Student Expectations with Laptops

Monday, 27 July 2009 ·

As a PBL school, we have lots of “Student Expectations” at our school for nearly all aspects of an ordinary day (entering the classroom, in the playground, walking through a corridor – we have narrow corridors, formal assembly). In a couple of weeks, there will be another aspect of the “ordinary day” – laptops. So, I’ve drafted some student expectations for the technology committee at my school to discuss.

Laptop rollout

Saturday, 20 June 2009 ·

I recently contributed some comments to the executive at my school about the DET roll-out expected to be happening soon. A slightly editted version is below. I’m really not sure where the executive are at with this roll-out, I haven’t heard much except from the computer coordinator – it’s a shame, or more accurately, it makes me nervous, because there is the potential for a lot of problems to arise from this roll-out if we’re not prepared. I’m republishing my comments because they might help you in engaging with your school about planning and preparation.

Preparing for Laptops 4 Learning

Sunday, 10 May 2009 ·

Term 3 will see the roll-out of netbooks to Year 9 at my school (some photos of the Lenovo S10e).

I’ve been thinking about how to prepare for this roll-out in my own teaching.


Tuesday, 03 February 2009 ·

It’s a new school year. This post, therefore, should be full of optimism and goals. But, please indulge me in a short whine.

It’s hot, ridiculously hot.

Quiet vs quiet

Saturday, 16 June 2007 ·

I had a chance the other day, rare, to reflect on what was happening in my classroom during class time.  I noted one of the inconsistencies in my language.

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