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Preparing for Laptops 4 Learning

Sunday, 10 May 2009 | 6 Comments

Term 3 will see the roll-out of netbooks to Year 9 at my school (some photos of the Lenovo S10e).

I’ve been thinking about how to prepare for this roll-out in my own teaching.

  1. Classroom Management

  2. I need to prepare some rules, routines and structures for the use of the machines in my classroom – which will either stand-alone or be part of a school-wide approach. I’ve been gathering some resources as a starting point.
  3. Resources

I roughly know what topics I’ll be teaching Year 9 in Terms 3 and 4, so I’ve created a Wiki to start organising resources I find, in particular those I’ve previously collected in Delicious.

Are you getting prepared for netbooks in your classroom?

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jacqueline woodley on  30 May 09  at  01:07 PM #
I've had the same ideas/questions, and have started a wiki where I have started grouping resources according to the NSW syllabus. It's a long way from complete, but if everybody adds a resource that they know of and passes the link to someone else it could be a great resource.


Simon on  31 May 09  at  01:48 AM #
Thanks Jacqueline... I just added my parts of a circle widget to your wiki, I'll try to add some other things.
Deb on  01 June 09  at  04:17 AM #
I've just found you're blog - can't believe I've gone so long without knowing about it. You've got some awesome stuff and great links here. Keep it up! If you feel like contributing to the new DET L4L Maths wiki [url=][/url] we'd love any input you have the time to give.


Simon on  01 June 09  at  07:43 AM #
Hi Deb, thanks for the link - great to see an "official" Wiki for maths resource sharing. Will add some stuff and share the site with others.


Simon on  01 June 09  at  07:58 AM #
Deb, just having a look at the site - it might be worth creating pages for the various strands of the syllabus or for large topics (e.g. area, circles, trigonometry) etc.
Deb on  01 June 09  at  11:22 PM #
the end site (curriculum support) will be set out like that so that ideas are searchable by syllabus outcome - this is more of a taster site so that anyone can contribute. As it grows we will definately consider organising it as you've mentioned. Don't want it to look too blank to start off with tho.

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