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Understanding the Battle?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012 | 0 Comments

2011 (my 6th year of teaching) was a year of befuddlement1.

For starters, 2011 was a year of change. Good change, but not as smooth as I expected. The “battle” that I thought I understood at my previous school has changed. I thought I had “cracked the nut” as Kate puts it. So has the nut changed in my new school or have my difficulties surfaced from being the new guy? It’s probably a combination of those factors and more. 2012 will hopefully be the year of establishment and sorting this out.

Then, there is so much information, inspiration and so many folks telling us how we should be teaching that it can become overwhelming. It becomes difficult to know which direction to head, which idea to pursue and where to apply my efforts. So what to do? One option is to ignore. Like you (given you’re reading a blog) I can’t do that. But I do need to filter and focus. I need to filter the sources of information and focus on particular areas of learning and creating/building.

2012 is looking like a year of quiet reflection (i.e. maybe not much on this blog), contemplation and trial and error.

1 happy that befuddlement is a real word

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