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Lift Buttons

Wednesday, 04 January 2012 | 2 Comments

Whilst often used as a textbook example, I had never seen negative numbers used in a lift before.

Lift buttons

On Flickr.

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Heather McMaster on  05 January 12  at  10:29 AM #
I thought I was the only maths person interested in lift buttons! I've collected photos of ones with numbers ordered in all sorts of different ways (right to left in pairs fom top to bottom, left to right from bottom to top etc). The purpose of my lift button photos is to show teachers of early numeracy the importance of making mathematical structures explicit to their kids. They can't assume for example, that young kids know how the numbers are arranged in a hundreds chart, along a number line or around a clock face. We forget that although these structure are second nature to us, they're not for young kids. When the numbers on lift buttons are ordered in ways we don't expect, we're lost. Does anyone else have photos of interesting lift button arrangements?


Simon Job on  05 January 12  at  10:43 AM #
Heather, you might want to go for a wander through Flickr, a search for "lift buttons": and "elevator buttons": return lots of pictures.

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