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Monday, 16 January 2012 | 2 Comments

Where do you go for maths lessons and good lesson ideas?
Here’s the start of my list, I’m not particularly recommending these sites, just listing them as places to look for ideas.
Lesson Ideas…?

(Of course, there are numerous blogs that could be included here)

I’ve added these sites to MathsSearch meaning you could search these sites through there.

So, in the comments, where do you go for maths lessons and good lesson ideas?

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Geoff Dix on  18 January 12  at  09:16 AM #
dear Simon we have laptops across the school; my main starting point is my "Delicious file":; I have tags for all my links that correspond to the related textbook chapter; eg 08-05Probability tag refers to yr 8 chapter5 on probability; so my links all line up in sequential order:all the 07 links, chapter by chapter; then all the 08 links etc, which makes it easy to get the lesson related web resources I've found. I've also got an extensive geogebra library I've compiled and accumulated powerpoints etc. The hardest part currently is consolidating my resources into 1 access point, again organised by text chapeters for yr 7 through to 12 . Every so often i need to periodically review what i've got and discard/upgrade what has been collected/made in haste. I'm sure this is a common tale of woe begging for time which is swallowed up by much administrivia. Anyway... some links you may or may not know of which offer more comprehensive curriculum coverage with a signifigant ict element I appreciate that yours had more a "working mathematically "maths in context "problem solving aspect which is great and fundamental to relevance and engagement. Finally, what you indicated about taking time to integrate this maelstrom of maths into your coherent teaching persona is critical for feeling good about what you are doing in the classroom and also having a life. My guide is to reflect on what am I going to be doing in 4 years time and where do I think good maths teaching will be in 4 years time regards geoff dix "ASHGROVE QLD LINKS": Enrichment miscellaneous etc "CMIT": "SELECTMATHS": "KEYED IN MATHS": "LEARNALBERTA": "SINGAPOREMATHS": "Mathalicious": "Regents Exam Prep Center": "Waldo Maths": "Math Open Reference": "Connected Mathematics Project": "MathBooster": "Bridgeport Mathematics Department": "NEIRTEC":
Anthony on  02 February 12  at  09:33 PM #
Hey - found you because you linked to my page. Very excited to see other people using it! I'm fairly new to teaching, and the main reason for putting up the webpage was selfish - I needed a way of organising resources. Often, despite the fact that there are hundreds of teachers producing thousands of great resources out there, when you're in a hurry it's quicker to make a new resource than to find one that does what you have in mind. After my first year I was starting to forget which folder things I liked using were hidden away in ("I used this with my year 7s... last year?") so I started cleaning up spreadsheets, making things more user-friendly and then cataloging them for the web. A good incentive to make things easy to find! I also use some of the other links you've mentioned, and I'd also like to add Nrich to the mix - particularly good for extension work, especially at A-level. Some really interesting mathsy problems, with solutions.

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