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Times Tables Grid Wall Poster (Made4Math)

Friday, 21 September 2012 | 1 Comment

It’s the last day of term here, so teachers might want to spend some time today fixing up their room. So, I brought my Made4Math Monday forward.

I needed some times table posters for my classroom, but the posters you can buy tend to be for younger students and I haven’t seen a grid version (rather than each table listed separately).

Times Table Wall Poster

This document is a 50 cm × 50 cm page. In Adobe Acrobat (or you should be able to do this in other PDF readers) select “Tile Large Pages” and it will print over 6 A4 pages.

I had them laminated, trimmed them, stuck together and stapled to my wall. The only problem is some reflection off the laminating, but I’m just going to make a few more around the classroom.

Some other versions of the times table grid are available on MathsFaculty (including high quality image files and PDFs with 6 per page, colour, gray and black-and-white).

This is a submission to Made 4 Math Monday. If you haven’t seen this on blogs yet, check out @druinok‘s blog, Teaching Statistics each Monday (US Time).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (?).

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druinok on  06 October 12  at  01:42 AM #
Wow - that turned out so nice! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

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