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Parts of a Circle

Tuesday, 14 April 2009 | 1 Comment

I need to learn to use GeoGebra because it looks like a fantastic app, it’s free and shortly our students will have their own netbooks, itching to use them. I find the best way to learn new software is to do something with it that you need.

With Year 8, we’ll soon look at the Circle, starting with parts of the circle. I would normally do a matching activity – given names and definitions, students match those to a diagram. I will still do that, but want to also show them these parts and how they are different to each other – hence GeoGebra.

I’ve put together an interactive GeoGebra widget, Parts of a Circle. To use it, just turn on/off the various parts. Also make sure you move some of the points to see how a part changes, e.g. sectors can be big or small or a quadrant always has an angle of 90°.

If you want to use this in class, as is, this version has the widget on a black background with nothing else. Or, you might want to modify the GeoGebra file and make your own version.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License (?).

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Sarah Cannon on  15 April 09  at  03:57 AM #
I sent this to my roommate, "in case you want to learn GeoGebra for next year." Then looked at the page, "I want to learn GeoGebra." Thanks for sharing and pushing me a little bit more in that direction.

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