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MathsLinks This Week 11 May 2014

Sunday, 11 May 2014 | 0 Comments

I want to start writing more regularly to highlight some of the resources on MathsLinks and MathsFaculty, and putting them in the context of my teaching.

This week, Year 9 5.1* have started studying linear relationships, we begin by reviewing the number plane. After completing other work, they have been drawing the Superman Number Plane Logo .

Looking at probability, Year 8 pondered The Monty Hall Problem, playing Stay or Switch? (Although, it is hard to convince some Year 8 kids that a car is the aim, not a goat).

Year 12 Extension started Projectile Motion, this clip from The Code is a great introduction - doesn't seem to play online though.

Year 10 considered a 10-inch pizza and what size pizza would be required to get three times the amount of pizza. Putting it in terms of radius (5-inch), the class decided a radius of 15-inches. We calculated and found that gave us 9 times the pizza. Being hungry and close to lunch... we didn't really mind. We also read about 74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza.

Separately, I'll post about some of the resources I made for Year 9 to look at solving equations.

* a class where students are continuing to work towards the achievement of outcomes from Years 7 and 8

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