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Maths symbols in Word (Mac)

Friday, 02 January 2009 | 2 Comments

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Tomas on  10 January 09  at  07:27 AM #
Not sure if knew about using command+alt+t to show the Character Palette in OS X? It works on my MacBook, but not sure if it will do the same on all Macs. It doesn't solve much, but at least it saves you the trouble of finding the Character Palette through menus. 😊 Also, by going to "Insert" > "Symbol...", you can select a symbol of your choice and assign a keyboard shortcut to it. Anyway, hope this helps! 😊
Simon on  10 January 09  at  09:07 AM #
Tomas, Thanks for both those tips. I didn't know the first one, and for some reason didn't think of Insert > Symbols. Thanks!

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