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Thursday, 22 January 2009 | 0 Comments

There are a couple of previously published resources on this site that might help you out as you prepare for the new school year.

1. Tell Me About Maths – a simple engaging activity for a first lesson.  Creates a good discussion and you get some good feedback from the students.
2. Big Number Line – a good sized number line that has negative numbers is hard to find (I couldn’t find one to buy).  Here’s a template to make a 2.5m long number line that goes from −12 to +12.
3. Lined Paper – I actually get 200 sheets photocopied off at a time.  For students that forget books or run out of pages.  I’ve just added a 2 column landscape version below, there’s also a 2 column portrait version on the Downloads page.

Hope at least one of these might help you out starting 2009.

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