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Coffee and Teaching Aids

Saturday, 15 January 2011 | 1 Comment

I wrote about my t-shirt box back in 2009.  It’s a resource I still use in my classroom.  When teaching surface area I have peel off sides for the box which can be placed on the board to show the net.

For Christmas, I got an AeroPress coffee maker. From the people who made the Aerobie, the AeroPress is similar to a coffee plunger, but better.  It makes a single cup.  Importantly for teachers it’s quick and really easy to clean up.

Why am I writing about a coffee maker on a maths teaching blog? The box.

AeroPress Box

A regular hexagonal prism.

So, if you need a new teaching aid and a regular hexagonal prism, you can buy an AeroPress from my friend Neil at Ministry Grounds.

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Nordin Zuber on  15 January 11  at  10:47 AM #
They need to update their advertising now to say "comes in hexagonal prism"!

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