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Preparing to Engage, Enhance and Extend

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 | 4 Comments

I am presenting twice in September about how I use technology to engage, enhance and extend in my teaching.

I guess, this is a promo.

My focus in this presentation is on using a projector, the internet and a digital camera to improve the learning experiences in your classroom. Seems simple, but I suspect these tools are often overlooked for their true capabilities. Rather, teachers are being tantilised by BYOD, tablets and apps.

Fridge Shelf


How does this simple image of the bottom shelf in my fridge help get my students talking and learning about capacity?

[I used this image just today and one student couldn't believe I was using a photo from my own fridge, not sure why.]

Parts of Circle


How is this better than the static images of a textbook?

Racing Car


How does a toy car extend my students?






I will be presenting these ideas and much more in two sessions (each slightly different):




Maths in ACtion!

Maths in ACtion!

For DEC teachers, this is a 90 minute workshop.
Tuesday 2 September 2014, Ringrose Office, Greystanes.
PL@Edu course code: NR06824

I'll also be presenting at the MANSW Annual Conference.

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Brooke on  03 November 14  at  09:42 AM #
I was at this presentation at Ringrose. It was really engaging. I can't find the website that you used for the presentation though. I really wanted to revisit it.


Simon Job on  15 February 15  at  08:58 AM #
Brooke, I'm so sorry I missed this comment. For a presentation about technology it's poor form for me to miss your comment. Anyway, here is the web-site to accompany the presentation: "":


Simon Job on  15 February 15  at  09:01 AM #
Oh, and from the MANSW Conference - very similar talk, is "":
Brooke on  15 February 15  at  09:42 AM #
Thank you so much!

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