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Number of the day

Monday, 27 January 2014 | 2 Comments

Here's a starter activity I have built on MathsStarters: Number of the day.

This idea is fairly simple, there are many examples of this activity on places like Pinterest.

For my version, each day of the year will show a different number. For each number there are four variations of the questions (A, B, C and D). You could use this activity at the start of the lesson with a class, and repeat with a variation of the quiz later in the lesson.

This is part of my strategy to develop the number sense of one class in particularly this year.

As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Number of the day screenshot

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ilhea yen on  08 February 14  at  02:57 PM #
Hi Simon, This is great!!! I can see myself using this app with my Year 7 students at the beginning of each lesson. How can I use this app? Do I need to buy the app? Can I change the questions? Where is the button for deleting the answers? Thanks, Ilhea Yen


Simon Job on  08 March 14  at  07:23 PM #
Firstly, sorry I missed your comment when it was first posted. To answer the questions, How can I use this app? It is a web app: [url=][/url] Do I need to buy the app? Nope, free. Can I change the questions? Click the “Question Set” button, there are four sets. I’m happy to implement suggestions for other questions, but it’s not customisable. Where is the button for deleting the answers? The idea is to use this on the projector, no mechanism for deleting answers. Hope that clarifies.

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