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MathsClass This Week 21 December 2013

Saturday, 21 December 2013 | 0 Comments

Happy end of school year (in Australia at least).

This week on MathsLinks

Screenshot of Multiplying Coins Trick

Multiplying Coins Trick 21 Dec 2013

It seems like telepathy but, as Rob shows, its a bit of simple logic combined with easy mental arithmetic, but if your audience doesn't know how it's done, it is an impressive trick.

Screenshot of Series Problem - Shapes

Series Problem - Shapes 21 Dec 2013

Everyone understands a series of numbers or letters, but what is a series of shapes? A series problem involving quadrants in a circle.

Screenshot of Midday Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Color

Midday Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Color 21 Dec 2013

The high-tech version of students standing at the front school fence and counting cars by colour. In this new video I took a four minute shot of state highway 163... then removed the time between cars passing and reorganized them according to color. I was curious to see what the city’s car color palette looked like when broken down.

Screenshot of Circle 3

Circle 3 17 Dec 2013 · via Meagan Rodda

The goal of this puzzle is to put three numbers inside each circle so that they add up to 3. To solve the puzzle, click and drag the black numbers to the blank spaces. You cannot move the blue numbers. When the three numbers inside any circle add up to 3, the circle changes colour.

Screenshot of Column strength test

Column strength test 16 Dec 2013

Teaching three-dimensional shapes or geometry? Demonstrate the extraordinary strength of the humble cylinder using ordinary paper and a stack of books. Includes video and teacher notes.

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