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MathsClass This Week 9 March 2013

Saturday, 09 March 2013 | 0 Comments

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This week on MathsLinks

Screenshot of On Target? Factorising linear expressions

On Target? Factorising linear expressions 7 Mar 2013

Multiple choice factorising questions and an arcade style game.

This link is only available from within theNSW DEC.

EagleCat: motion graphs 6 Mar 2013

Investigate distance–time and velocity–time graphs by changing the position, speed and acceleration of a car. Create your own graphs to explore the connections, or interpret the data for existing graphs.

Screenshot of Monty Hall Problem Simulator

Monty Hall Problem Simulator 4 Mar 2013

An interactive simulator for the Monty Hall problem. Run one at a time, manually, or 10, 100 or 1000 times.

Screenshot of “21” explains the Monty Hall problem

“21” explains the Monty Hall problem 4 Mar 2013

The character, Ben Campbell, from the movie “21” explains the Monty Hall problem.

Screenshot of Probability Maths Terms

Probability Maths Terms 4 Mar 2013

An online matching activity, match probability terms to their definition.

Screenshot of Pack of Cards

Pack of Cards 4 Mar 2013

An online matching activity, determine the probability of various events when drawing cards from a standard deck.

Screenshot of Rolling Two Dice

Rolling Two Dice 4 Mar 2013

An online matching activity, determine the probability of various sums when two dice are rolled.

Screenshot of Chameleon

Chameleon 3 Mar 2013 · via woojm

Help the chameleon catch flies using angles and distance.

Help the chameleon catch all the flies, using turns and distance.

Screenshot of Random

Random 3 Mar 2013

An automatic simple random number generator. For hands-free game of bingo.

Select a minimum and maximum value, then a time interval.

By default it will not show duplicates, but you can allow duplicates if it suits your purpose.

On the display screen, you can change the size of the generated number.

Works on an iPad.

Screenshot of Evil Pies

Evil Pies 3 Mar 2013

In spite of the fact that the pie chart was a true graphic innovation when introduced by Playfair (1801), and is an excellent display for comparing parts of a whole, the pie chart has subject to more graphic abuse than almost any other graphic form. Here is a rogues gallery of a few of the most evil pies I've seen recently. Michael Friendly

This week on MathsFaculty

Experimental Probability

Content: Worksheet – Print · File type: PDF, Word · 3 files · 4 Mar 2013

Two Cylinders

Content: Calculator, Interesting, Worksheet – Electronic · File type: Excel · 1 Mar 2013

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