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MathsClass This Week 9 February 2013

Saturday, 09 February 2013 | 0 Comments

The provider for screenshots on MathsLinks has been updating meaning that all sites now have a nice, slightly larger preview image. For YouTube videos, I’m getting a screenshot straight from the video.

Any link on MathsLinks can be “liked”. If you find a link useful, like it… just click the thumbs up. This lets teachers quickly judge if others have found a link useful.

As always, your feedback is welcome.

Oh, and MathsSearch is back and working properly. MathsSearch uses a custom Google search to search over 150 maths related sites.

This week on MathsLinks

Screenshot of Esher’s World埃舍尔的世界-A ZHOU BAI FILM

Esher’s World埃舍尔的世界-A ZHOU BAI FILM 9 Feb 2013 · via MrsK

Escher's works in a digital world.

Screenshot of I am a parallelogram

I am a parallelogram 9 Feb 2013 · via Nordin Zuber

An excellent maths song about parallelograms. Rich enough in content to be suitable from Year 5 to Year 12!

Screenshot of Distance Formula Lesson

Distance Formula Lesson 9 Feb 2013 · via dukeblue219

This math lesson covers the distance formula for a two-dimensional geometric plane. The process to calculate the distance between two points is demonstrated and diagrammed, and a three-dimensional expansion of the formula is provided.

Screenshot of New Largest Known Prime Number - Numberphile

New Largest Known Prime Number – Numberphile 8 Feb 2013

There is a new “largest known prime number”.

Screenshot of Unit pricing

Unit pricing 8 Feb 2013

An explanation of unit pricing in Australia.

Screenshot of Individual income tax rates

Individual income tax rates 8 Feb 2013

Income tax rates for individuals who are Australian residents.

Screenshot of Algebra Expanding

Algebra Expanding 5 Feb 2013 · via Manjeet Kaur

The site explains how to expand brackets with algebraic expressions inside the bracket. It shows a number of examples with short video of slides and has a set of practice questions.

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