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MANSW 2013 Extras

Sunday, 15 September 2013 | 0 Comments

Some extra bits from the MANSW Annual Conference.

I did not stay for Day 3 and so missed Nordin's (@enzuber) talk, Three tools: The ABQuiz, the Tracking Sheet, the Feedback Form. I previously saw a 7 minute version, and have been following Nordin's work for years. Well worth checking out.

exzuberant: MANSW 2013 Presentation:ABQuizzes,Tracking Sheets, anonymous student feedback #MANSW2013 #mathchat #SBAR

— Nordin Zuber (@enzuber) September 15, 2013

With NSW moving to a new 7-10 Syllabus next year, the textbook sellers were exhibiting their wares. Many publishers producing essentially the same product, mixed with online resources and annual subscriptions. This resonated:

So is #mansw2013 going to change the quality of LEARNING in our classroom or help us choose the right text for the new syllabus?

— Mr. D (@_MrDougan) September 14, 2013

Which brings me back to my post from January:

Image of keyboard with Share button2013 - It's time to share


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