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MANSW 2013 Day 2

Sunday, 15 September 2013 | 4 Comments

Day 2 summary, see also Day 1.

Keynote: Margaret Bigelow (ACARA), Peter Oslan (OBOS)

  • Content now introduced in Stage 3.
    New NSW K-10 Syllabus, Content now introduced in Stage 3.
  • Content now introduced in Stage 4.
    New NSW K-10 Syllabus, Content now introduced in Stage 4.
  • Still no movement on making Maths General 1 count as a Board Developed Course for the HSC.
  • About internal HSC assessment.
    About Internal (HSC) Assessment
  • About internal assessment (2).
    About Internal (HSC) Assessment (2)
  • Senior Years Australian Mathematics - NSW perspective.
    Senior Years Australian Mathematics Curriculum
  • Some percentages of ACARA new Senior vs existing NSW - up to 60% different.

Session 5: Engaging Mathematical Learners in the 3-6 Classroom. S. Wall

  • Buying and selling as a means of developing place value concepts. #
    Buying a cow as a means to develop place value.
  • Open-ended tasks, e.g.
    How long is your hair?
    If you could take every hair out of your head and lay it end to end how long would it be?

Session 6: Teaching Ideas for Geometry in the Primary Classroom. M. Quigley.

Session 7: Stats with Probability with a Calculator. M. Kemp.

This new Casio does quartiles. #

Casio finding quartiles

Session 8: Explicit Problem Solving in the Middle Years. Prescott/Dupuche.

Using Red dragonfly mathematics challenge to develop Reasoning.

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Joshua Harnwell on  17 September 13  at  12:37 PM #
Thanks for the slides! What was said on standardisation with regards to internal assessment?
Jacqueline woodley on  17 September 13  at  01:48 PM #
It was said that standardisation wasn't required at a school level, most schools would submit raw data. Assessment tasks, however, should reflect the 50/50 assessment split in more than a nominal manner.


Simon Job on  17 September 13  at  08:57 PM #
Thanks Jacqueline. And this via Twitter: "if its the same advice all BOSLOs are giving-linear mapping is ok, not standardising it does not keep same spacing between scores" — Susan Leamon (@Susan_Leamon) [url=""]September 17, 2013[/url]


Simon Job on  19 September 13  at  09:38 AM #
And this from Twitter: "It was also said that if you wish to standardise, make sure it is needed and meaningful in terms of weightings." — Becky Lovelock (@LovelockBex) [url=""]September 18, 2013[/url]

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