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Isometric Drawing

Saturday, 23 May 2009 | 0 Comments

When starting “Volume” with Year 8, we start by looking at cubic units and isometric drawings. This year, with an interactive whiteboard (although, these resources are also suited for use with just a projector or in a computer lab), I was able to use a couple of excellent online resources.

First up,

1. Isometric Shape Draw from Teacher LED. This resource has four isometric shapes, each made up of 4 cubic units. Each shape can be rotated, and there’s a grid below the shape that works really well with IWB pens – the students like using it too.

I’ll start by showing them how to draw the first shape, and then they have a go at the rest. They’re still drawing on paper, which I think is an excellent spatial skill. There’s lined isometric paper or dotty isometric paper – I found the lined isometric paper allowed the students to see the cubes better, although the Isometric Shape Draw tool probably makes using the dot paper just as easy.

2. Follow that up with the Isometric Shape Exploder which shows different shapes which can be rotated and exploded (cool!) – great for interpreting drawings. There’s also the Cuboid Exploder.

With these two tools, along with each student having some centicubes to build and draw various shapes, you have an engaging one hour lesson.

For consolidation, in a computer lab there’s the Isometric Drawing Tool.

and for some fun, Cubescape and City Creator.

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