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Favourite on MathsLinks

Monday, 01 November 2010 | 2 Comments

I’ve added a nice little feature to the MathsLinks site – Favourites.

On MathsLinks, once registered on the site, you can Favourite a link. This does two things for users of the site:

  1. you can keep your favourite links on an easily accessible page
  1. others can see the most favourited links on the site, making it easier to find the best resources

Here’s a rundown of how to use the feature.

Login or register on MathsLinks

MathsLinks screenshot - login or register.

Browse the links for the topic of interest, let’s say Angles.

MathsLinks screenshot - browse.

To save a link as a Favourite, just click “Save a Favourite”. If you’ve already saved a link as a favourite, you can see how many people have saved it, clicking “A Favourite” will take you to your list of favourites. You can also delete a favourite.

MathsLinks screenshot

When you save a favourite, you get this confirmation page.

MathsLinks screenshot

Your Favourites page shows all the links you’ve saved as favourites.

MathsLinks screenshot

I hope this feature makes the site more useful, and if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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Nordin Zuber on  20 November 10  at  12:06 AM #
I just stumbled on your site - a great idea - hoping to both use and contribute on my first year of teaching next year. Thanks for the great work.


Simon Job on  20 November 10  at  03:41 AM #
Thanks enzuber, looking forward to keeping up with your first year on your blog. There should be some resources and lesson ideas on this site that you can use. Simon.

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