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Back to it…

Monday, 08 November 2010 | 0 Comments

Returning from a few weeks leave, it wasn’t clear where my Year 8s were up to.  I figured they had started looking at grouped data, but I didn’t want to repeat work they might have already seen.

Before the lesson, I pinned a paper IKEA tape measure to my door frame.  For the lesson, we got everyone’s height, grouped the data into suitable classes, and made a frequency distribution table from the grouped data.

Nice lesson, I felt satisfied that they had learnt something and saw the point of what we were doing.  Did a hands-on/engaging lesson fix the usual problems in this class? Nope.  Still had a soap opera episode over there and a bit of tension between two boys over there.

Nothing staggeringly exciting here… just a simple lesson working reasonably well.  Back to it.

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