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Constructing Triangles

Saturday, 29 November 2014 | 0 Comments

One of the challenges I had this week when students were constructing rectangles and squares using a ruler and set square (drafting triangle) was checking the accuracy of the measurements (sides and angles). I walked around with a ruler and set square checking their drawings.

Making a transparency that could be overlayed on their work for self-checking was one idea, but that would still rely on them checking accurately and wouldn't give me any information about how they were going.

For constructing triangles, I came up with this:

A scaffolded approach to constructing triangles.

For each construction, an accurately drawn triangle should pass through a particular point. In this question (above), the scaffold is checking the angle size.

In the question below, angle size and side length are being checked.

A scaffolded approach to constructing triangles.

Worksheet with answers is available for download on MathsFaculty:

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