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2008 Extras

Saturday, 10 January 2009 | 0 Comments

Continuing my review of teaching in 2008.


I’ve wanted to improve assessment, but it needed to fit in with the faculty.  I put together (during a dull staff meeting) an idea for a concept test.  It’s a short test on the concepts of the unit with questions that are gradually graded.  It is designed to align with one of the 8 outcomes we report on each semester (2 terms).  These concept tests are in addition to the more traditional once a term test (although we spent time this year improving the grading of the questions in those too).

Head Teacher

I had the opportunity to be the acting Head Teacher of Mathematics for a couple of weeks.  The interesting part of this was watching a fairly new teacher with one of my classes – it was a good to sit back and watch another teacher with my class – this helped me identify what I had learnt in the past three years.

A new Principal

Half way through 2008, a big suprise, our Principal moved on.  I really appreciated our former Principal and could easily say that she was the best boss I have ever had.  A new Principal changes the dynamic of a school, it adjusts priorities and ways of doing things.  At this stage, it feels like we’re still in a transition.

So, that finishes the review of 2008 (part 1 was here).  For several reasons, my 2008 teaching year was rather mundane.  My practise improved, but I didn’t really have a massive breakthrough or move significantly in a particular direction.  Another post (which should be more interesting) looking forward to 2009 is currently a pile of jumbled thoughts in my head.

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