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Spirolaterals - Year 5 Lesson

Saturday, 15 August 2015 | 0 Comments

For the second lesson with Year 5 students (the first is here), we created and investigated Spirolaterals.

Based on this edition of the CSIRO email newsletter we started with spirolaterals based on 90º turns (so, regular 1 cm grid paper - see MathsEssentials).

Spirolateral based on 90 degrees

We had lots of good discussion on why some rules closed the spirolateral and some didn't.

Here's a PowerPoint to help with the initial instructions:

We also tried triangular grid paper.

Triangular Spirolaterals

We also explored further with this online interactive:

Other online interactives include Wolfram Demonstrations and another GeoGebra.

I only found this excellent interactive from Ken Wessen afterwards:

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