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Resize to Netbook Size

Saturday, 07 November 2009 | 0 Comments

Not really maths related, but handy if you’re looking at a web-site that will be used on a Netbook.

Many sites, mainly sites built in Flash, or Flash widgets, don’t work particularly well on screens with a small vertical height. I found myself using my normal screen at home, but when the students access a site that works great for me at home, it can be quite difficult to read on the smaller netbook screens.

Here’s a page from Maths Online (click to see a bigger version). It is quite difficult to read on the netbook screen.

It can be improved a little by getting rid of the Favourites Bar and auto-hiding the Taskbar:

Here’s a way to see what a web page will look like on a netbook whilst using your normal computer. The link below is a bookmarklet that will resize your browser window to 1024 × 576, the resolution of a Lenovo S10e netbook. I’ve made this bookmarklet resize the browser windows to the full height of the netbook screen, i.e. it assumes you have the Windows Taskbar set to auto-hide.

Why? To let you see what a web-page will look like on a netbook screen, whilst using a larger screen.

To use this bookmarklet, drag it to your Favourites Bar in IE or Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox. Then, to adjust the size of the screen, just click it.

Bookmarklet to resize for netbook

If you want to see the size of the windows when the taskbar is visible (and set to the standard Windows 7 height) edit the bookmarklet to replace “576” with “546”.

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