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Sunday, 29 August 2010 | 2 Comments

After 2 terms as a relieving Head Teacher, moving back to the normal classroom teacher load has been a bit of a shock. Even with faculty matters, I found myself achieving more of the extra things as a Head Teacher.

image of a to-do list

This weekend, after Friday night…, I did no “teaching work” – it was great. Family just takes priority. So, I was thinking, how do others prioritise the extra bits?

In my fifth year, the basic bits of teaching all fit to together well. But there’s this list of “like to do” extras: help other teachers with tech, develop more engaging lessons/units around media tech, overhaul assessment.

I guess it’s just a matter of “do what you can” and keeping things in balance.

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Liz Hemmings on  30 August 10  at  11:20 AM #
Hi Simon, I find that as I get better at the day to day managing of the teaching, marking, test setting, report writing load and should be able to cut back on the extra hours I spend on work expecially in holidays and on the weekend I just find more and more extras to do. This year I have been coordinating a program for our year 11 students to keep them occupied on Tuesday afternoons instead of sport or as previous years have done and gone home. This has meant managing staff to run workshops, writing timetables for it, organising excursions, speakers etc. etc. Plus I thought learning to do the timetable would be good so have been working on that for the last 2 years. This year I also somehow got to be the substitute person for organising the casuals when the usual person couldnt do it. I think the think i have to learn is how to say NO. I spend too much of my and my family time doing stuff for school.While it is rewarding to produce lessons that engage and its great to learn new skills - there is a cost. Sorry - dont think I helped you priorities just reinforced the problem.
malyn on  30 August 10  at  12:56 PM #
Life is an on-going process of prioritising. I think that you were able to do more of the extras as HT as you had more flexible time(ie not-timetabled). No tricks then, just as you said, "do what you can". However, you have to make sure that you re-fuel, in whatever shape or form that may be. If it actually energizes (inspires) you to do tech workshops, then schedule some regularly - even if it's just for 15-minute during lunch. If it means having at least 1 weekend a month of absolutely no-school-work then so be it. Btw, having this blog and all the bits that hang off it is a useful and valued extra! Keep it up.

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