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MathsKit Redesign

Monday, 14 June 2010 | 4 Comments

For a while, I’ve been developing a new look for this site and working out how to better connect my maths sites.

The first site I’ve moved over to the new design, because it was the easiest, is MathsKit. screenshot

As a recap, on MathsKit I’ve attempted to gather together those everyday resources that maths teachers go looking for: graph paper, dice, a worksheet for a sub.

This is the start of a gradual development of my sites. Soon, I would like to include more interactivity on the MathsKit site where people can rate linked resources.

For now, is there an essential maths teaching tool that I’ve not got on the site? If so, please submit it.

MathsKit – share this site with your colleagues. Because I know so many teachers still like paper (I’m saying this half-seriously), print out this poster (PDF, 700KB, Colour and B/W) for your staffroom.

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Jo Amos on  15 June 10  at  09:06 AM #
The new layout looks great Simon. i'll definitely be promoting it with my faculty.
Liz on  18 June 10  at  11:14 AM #
I showed to our faculty at this weeks meeting and all thought it was a great resource. The poster is on window above the computer now. Thanks 😊


Simon Job on  18 June 10  at  11:27 AM #
Thanks Liz. The silly thing is, I haven't put the poster up in my staffroom yet!
GoldStudent on  25 June 10  at  01:08 PM #
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