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Saturday, 17 October 2009 | 2 Comments

I recently created a site called MathsKit. Whilst I added some links to it on this site, I haven’t actually mentioned it yet.


My intent with the site is to be a quick way to find the everyday essentials of maths teaching, like, graph paper, a maths dictionary or an interactive activities. And so, it’s a simple one page site, with links in ten categories. There’s also a search engine there, which I have mentioned before.

Do you have an suggestions for everyday sites for maths teachers? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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Sarah on  17 October 09  at  03:44 PM #
You already have one of my favourite tools: puzzlemaker. One link to add to your games list: This site has games appropriate for all levels (from odd/even in grade 1 up to some quick mental math and algebra) I like it because all the games are educational and math appropriate. Too often I find a flash game that I like but it is hosted on a mainly "games" site, with many options that I either wouldn't recommend to my students or don't want them to use in class. I also really like the idea of math game accountability: [url=][/url] actually, this post is also where I first heard of


Simon Job on  17 October 09  at  09:14 PM #
Sarah, great site! Added it to MathsKit and the "Links section": The idea of math game accountability is something I've thought of, but never implemented - thanks for the link - I subscribe to Jason's blog, so not sure why I missed it previously.

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