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MathsClass This Week 8 September 2013

Sunday, 08 September 2013 | 0 Comments

The annual Mathematical Association of NSW (MANSW) conference is this week. I hope to meet some of you there. I will have lots of MathsLinks business cards for you to take back to your colleagues.

This week on MathsLinks

Screenshot of Learn about the Egyptian Number System

Learn about the Egyptian Number System 8 Sep 2013 · via Jacqueline Woodley

An interactive to investigate the Egyptian Number System.

Screenshot of Log Tables - Numberphile

Log Tables – Numberphile 8 Sep 2013

Logarithms and log tables – what Professor Bowley used before calculators!

A discussion of using logarithms and log tables to simplify multiplication.

Screenshot of Complimentary Angles

Complimentary Angles 6 Sep 2013

A math comic.

Screenshot of Adam Spencer: Why I fell in love with monster prime numbers

Adam Spencer: Why I fell in love with monster prime numbers 6 Sep 2013

They're millions of digits long, and it takes an army of mathematicians and machines to hunt them down — what's not to love about monster primes? Adam Spencer, comedian and lifelong math geek, shares his passion for these odd numbers, and for the mysterious magic of math.

Screenshot of Solving mazes - Curiosity Show

Solving mazes – Curiosity Show 5 Sep 2013

Mazes on paper are an interesting problem, but frustrating as you try to find your way through. Rob shows a simple way of revealing the path through a maze – as long as you are allowed to draw on it.

Screenshot of Bits vs Bytes as Fast As Possible

Bits vs Bytes as Fast As Possible 4 Sep 2013

Computer data is often referred to in bits or bytes. Watch this video and you'll understand what they do and how they differ!

Screenshot of Focus Study 1 Mathematics and communication

Focus Study 1 Mathematics and communication 4 Sep 2013

Teaching resources prepared to support the teaching of Focus Study 1 Mathematics and Communication in the older Stage 6 Applied Mathematics course (NSW, Australia). Still relevant to the FSCo1 focus study, Mobile phone plans, in the new General Preliminary course.

Includes a OneNote unit of work and assessment task.

Screenshot of Ratio Rumble - Math Snacks

Ratio Rumble – Math Snacks 3 Sep 2013

The battle is on in this game where you build your own potions! Check your ratios to win this mixture mix-off!

Screenshot of Simpson’s Paradox

Simpson’s Paradox 3 Sep 2013

Simpson's Paradox is more than just a curiosity, it illustrates how important it is to interperet your data correctly. If you are not careful it is still possible to have good data and bad conclusions.

James Grime explains the paradox with an example.

Screenshot of Number Puzzle Fractions - Curiosity Show

Number Puzzle Fractions – Curiosity Show 2 Sep 2013

The sum of ½ + ¼ + ⅛ + ...

The solution is shown graphically.

This week on MathsFaculty

Data Tools – Demonstration and Student Activity

Content: Demonstration, Projector, Worksheet – Print · File type: PDF, PowerPoint · 9 files · 8 Sep 2013

This week on MathsKit

Applied Mathematics Wiki under HSC

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