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MathsClass This Week 20 January 2013

Sunday, 20 January 2013 | 0 Comments

This week…

This week on MathsLinks

Fraction Chart – TeacherLED 14 Jan 2013

An improvement of the standard fraction chart for use with a projector/IWB.

Is Zero Even? – Numberphile 13 Jan 2013

A bit about zero – including a discussion of its even-ness!?

Encryption and HUGE numbers – Numberphile 13 Jan 2013

Banks, Facebook, Twitter and Google use epic numbers – based on prime factors – to keep our Internet secrets. This is RSA public-key encryption.

Graphing Stories 13 Jan 2013

Graph a story.

xkcd: Compass and Straightedge 13 Jan 2013

I learned in high school what geometers discovered long ago:
Using only a compass and straightedge, it's impossible to construct friends.

Derivatives Graphs 13 Jan 2013

Explore the changing slope of a few different curves as you change x-values.

This week on MathsKit

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