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MathsClass This Week 16 March 2013

Saturday, 16 March 2013 | 0 Comments

This week on MathsLinks

Screenshot of Animated Budgie

Animated Budgie 10 Mar 2013

An animation to support a story introducing Mathematical Induction.

Screenshot of Mathematical Induction, Helen Bush

Mathematical Induction, Helen Bush 10 Mar 2013

Links directly to a PDF (92 KB).

Mathematical Induction, an article by Helen Bush in the MANSW publication “Reflections”.

Screenshot of Hands on teaching idea for Inverse Relations

Hands on teaching idea for Inverse Relations 10 Mar 2013 · via Nordin Zuber

A great teaching idea to explore or consolidate the idea that an inverse relation is the reflection of a function in y=x.

The associated blog post is “Graph of a Function and its Inverse” at Mathing…

This week on MathsFaculty

Expansion – electronic worksheet

Content: Worksheet – Electronic, Worksheet – Print · File type: Excel, PDF · 2 files · 15 Mar 2013

Animated Budgie

Content: Video, YouTube · File type: Flash, Image: Animated GIF, Video · 3 files · 10 Mar 2013

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