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Laptop Wraps

Saturday, 30 January 2010 | 2 Comments

For NSW DET teachers, I’m sure you know of TaLe, and hopefully have seen some of the resources for the DER that have been published there. One category of resources has been called Laptop Wraps (they are also available publicly).

Laptop Wrap logo

New Laptop wraps from the Centre for Learning Innovation (CLI) provide online and offline tasks to support student investigation, collaboration and creation of content.

Each Laptop Wrap gives a couple of ideas for using the netbooks and their suite of software in the classroom.

At the Staff Development Day (SDD) at the start of term, I encouraged my faculty to review some of these resources. Much like any resources I come across, the ones I looked at will require some modification to use in my classroom.

So, I put together a simple structure for us to use when reviewing these resources:

  • Consider some of the ideas given in the Laptop Wraps.
  • What activities (even if they require modification) in the wrap would you use?
  • Select an activity(s) you’d like to do with your class.
  • What modifications to the wrap are required?
  • What do you need to learn about in order to use this wrap with your class? (The UCreate and Tools4U resources may be helpful)
  • What resources do you need to create to use this wrap?

(I’ve supplied this in a printable form below)

I’m hoping this provides a simple way to encouraging the sharing of found resources and the creation of new resources in our faculty.

Laptop Wrap Review DOC, 82 Kb
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Jonesytheteacher on  30 January 10  at  02:20 PM #
Nice ideas and well done for having a crack with this tool. The Wrap will become an important way of using the laptops in NSW - it allows differentiation to occur, which encourages students to explore their thoughts and ideas in original ways. Good luck with these and as HT!
Elaine Talbert on  30 January 10  at  10:51 PM #
Useful post, Simon and great that you are using some of the valuable DET resources that have been created for learning (with laptops) by CLI and Curriculum Support. The questions you have posed to scaffold the thinking of colleagues is very wise also. There are so many excellent resources on TaLe created by talented teachers that can be dropped straight into a teaching programs. Your idea of tweaking, modifying and adapting these resources is the way to go. Elaine

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