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Current State 2

Sunday, 14 April 2013 | 3 Comments

After writing Current State, I read these three articles that all resonated.

Bianca has been working hard using project-based learning in her English classroom. Maybe too hard?

We’re not supported. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our lives to our jobs. Why I don’t want to be a hero teacher, and maybe you shouldn’t either.

Catching up in the end of term 1 holidays, I saw Kate’s post where see described the process of writing lessons in her gig at Mathalicious. (On wearing my Mathalicious shirt recently I was commended for wearing such a nerdy shirt) The quote below is about writing a lesson for many teachers to use, but it still gives an idea of the reality of writing a good math lesson for yourself.

It took nearly three hours. For four people. To write five questions. Let that sink in. On Writing Lessons for Others

Whilst written from a US perspective, some of the experiences in this post ring true:

Classroom teachers, ..., are more stressed and less valued than at any previous time in our history. A Warning to Young People: Don’t Become a Teacher

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Tanith on  16 April 13  at  07:20 AM #
I loved your visual in the previous post, and these were great interesting links to read. I plan to be gone from the profession soon, although I have moments of doubt, and I feel a little sad about it. I've worked hard to overcome a lot of personal battles, with classroom management mainly, but keep coming up against the things that I can't change. The things that are too big for me to tackle. In the end I've decided that I like teaching, but I don't like school. Do you think there is any hope that any of those big things will ever change?


Simon Job on  17 April 13  at  11:28 AM #
It's a complex profession, and I don't think that is fathomed until you are in it. The experience that each of us have is so dependant on the school we are in. It would be a loss to have you leave the profession, and that is just from seeing the fantastic hands-on activities on your blog. Those in the position of affecting change will not, I fear, understand the problems and pressures facing teachers, even with more funding. To answer your question. No.
Tanith Donaldson on  29 April 13  at  05:42 AM #
Thanks for the supportive comments. I'm glad you enjoy the activities I do. I must get myself organised and share more things here.

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