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A response to the DER

Tuesday, 16 June 2009 | 1 Comment

The DER, as it is unfortunately named, is about to hit NSW schools.

It will happen, as several people have reminded me, so get on board. Absolutely, I can’t stop this – and I think I will enjoy the flexibility of netbooks in my classroom.

BUT I don’t think this is the best solution that could have been implemented. Have a read of this letter republished on Maralyn Parker’s blog (at The Daily Telegraph). I agree with this letter, that a computer, projector (and Interactive Whiteboard) in every classroom, plus some time for formal/information professional development for every teacher would have been a more productive investment (at least at my school).

However, political issues aside, it is happening. How will you teach maths to Year 9 next term? How will you manage a very different classroom?

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Charlie on  26 June 09  at  12:43 PM #
I am shaking my head at this... "Most importantly teachers require an appropriate technology that all teachers, and not just a few early adopters can and will use in their classroom, to assist teach their classes. Personal computers, desktops and laptops are as the name indicates intended for personal use and not classroom teaching. They are not, and never will be an appropriate technology for teaching a whole class." THIS SORT OF QUOTE MAKES ME CONCERNED THAT SOME TEACHERS AND COMMENTATORS STILL FEEL THAT TEACHING IS SOOOOOO TEACHER DIRECTED!!!!!! AMAZING in 2009! How can someone say that students are not 'tech savvy' and then in the same article suggest they all have i-phones and are quite dexterous with their thumbs! With BLOGS and articles like this, how on earth can we move forward and achieve the "very astute and concerted human change" that is so obviously needed.

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