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Dates as Operations 2018

Saturday, 03 February 2018 | Comments

In 2017 I published a post Dates as operations 2017 - a collaborative effort to write a mathematical statement from the digits of the date.

Here is the 2018 version. To quickly access in class type into your address bar.

Updated for

Updated for

Updated for

A look at the new Mathematics Standard syllabus for NSW

Monday, 03 April 2017 | Comments

Updated: 23/06/2017

DoE Numeracy Conference logoDoE Numeracy Conference: the presentation is item 5a below. The continuum handout is item 6. NOTE, I have added an amendment after the presentation upon reading the NESA Course Descriptions released 21/6/17. The continuum handout is correct as per the Syllabus but incorrect as per the Course Descriptions.



This post is a single point to access some of the resources I'm developing as I investigate the new Mathematics Standard Stage 6 Syllabus (2017) released by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

1. Course Description: a summary view of the new syllabus

 Course Description PDF, 148 KB

^Updated for November 2017



2. Standard syllabus versus General syllabus: includes each item in the new syllabus mapped to the old syllabus. Also includes links to the Australian Curriculum. This is not official, rather my best guess.



3. Standard syllabus versus General syllabus - Presentation: an overview of the topics in the new syllabus mapped to the old syllabus. Slides designed for presentation.

Screenshot of Mathematics Standard vs General



4. Standard syllabus mapped to General syllabus: an overview of the topics in the new syllabus mapped to the old syllabus. An abbreviated version of #2 above and slightly more detail than #3.



5. 23/04/2017 Presentation: Mathematics Standard - What's new, what stays the same?: a slide package that I will be presenting at Staff Development Day to my faculty. For that reason, some of the slides may be unclear without the context I will provide.



5a. 22/6/2017 Presentation: Mathematics Standard - Orange is the new standard: a slide package presented at Department of Education Numeracy for Learning K-12 Conference

23/6/2017 NESA Course Descriptions: they were released the day before I presented, but I had not read them. There are items in the course descriptions that are different to the syllabus and clarify other points. See this amendment.



6. 29/04/2017 Mathematics Continuum of Learning: from the Mathematics 7-10 Syllabus Continuum of Learning, I have used the new Stage 6 Standard syllabus to attempt to extend the Continuum of Learning. 24/6/17: Updated to include the assumed knowledge as identified in the Course Descriptions.

Screenshot of Continuum of Learning

The interest points for me: Ratios and Rates: 5.2 Ratio and Rates not listed as required and no Rates and Ratios in Year 11. Measurement makes this almighty appearance in Year 11 and then turns into Trig and scale drawing. Mass makes a reappearance after last appearing in Stage 3.


Documents above based on Mathematics Standard Stage Syllabus, NESA, 2017. They are not authorised NESA documents. They are for planning and review purposes only. Shared for use by teachers in schools only.

Over on MathsLinks, I've started aligning content to the new Standard syllabus.

Dates as Operations 2017

Wednesday, 28 December 2016 | Comments

Like most teachers I write the date at the top of the whiteboard each day. As an extra point of interest, in 2016 I endeavoured to write a number sentence using the digits of the date, in order, underneath the date.

For example:
7/4/16        7 - √4 = -1 + 6
27/5/16        2 + 7 - 5 = √16
(Date written as dd/mm/yy)

  • Example of data as operation

I didn't specifically refer to the sentence, nor make it an activity in class. A senior student in one class made a point of completing the number sentence if I hadn't. Another student in my roll class regularly pointed out if I had not written a sentence for the day.

In 2016 I had some help completing a list of sentences.

If you'd like to contribute to a list for 2017 (or just use the list) visit this Google Sheet:

Dates as Operations 2017

For 2017, I have columns for two formats of the date dd/mm/yy and dd/mm/yyyy.

Data values vs scores

Sunday, 30 October 2016 | Comments

Note for self really,

In the new NSW Syllabus for Mathematics K-10 what used to be referred to as scores when analysing data are now called data values.

So the definition of mean is written as

$$\bar{x}=\frac{\text{sum of data values}}{\text{number of data values}}$$


Post it Pythagoras

Saturday, 15 October 2016 | 1 Comment

Inspried by this, Pythagoras in 2 minutes.

I used Post-It notes to demonstrate Pythagoras' Theorem to a class.

Example of post-it Pythagoras

There's something nice and tangible about this simple demonstration.

I turned the idea into a animation:

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