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What’s wrong with this protractor?

Monday, 30 March 2009 | 6 Comments

It’s been a little quiet around here – mainly due to the busy time of term and sickness.

Anyway, I recently got a packet of protractors for my class. Every one of them has a problem, maybe you can spot it.

Protractor with label

Of course, the label is not nice to peel off, leaving stickiness behind. So, the next step is to remove the stickiness without removing the lines.

Apologies if you one day find this post via Google thinking it might be something useful or interesting.

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jen on  30 March 09  at  06:54 PM #
I read this somewhere, not sure if this will work, but that if you use a blow dryer over the sticker for a few seconds it will come off a cleaner.


Simon Job on  05 April 09  at  07:17 AM #
Hi Jen, thanks - just tried it. Yep, stickers came off cleaner, but still left a bit of stickiness. Which I tried to get off with eucalyptus oil - which just spread the stickiness around.
Sarah on  16 April 09  at  01:31 AM #
A late comment ... but I have found that soap and water works well on most stickers (soak a batch of protractors in a sink with hot soapy water, they may come right off) Otherwise, try household solvents ..isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol and acetone (nail polish remover) come to mind. (the advantages of teaching chemistry as well as math) I found your blog through a long chain of links ... I'm in awe of the technology that some people are using in the classroom, gives me something to look forward to when I have my own class again!


Simon Job on  16 April 09  at  01:39 AM #
bq. I'm in awe of the technology... Don't be too awestruck... technology in my classroom is still at levels far below what I expected. A projector in my classroom is changing that, but slowly.
Deb on  03 June 09  at  01:09 PM #
they wont need these for much longer anyway - old technology - now they'll be using the smartnotebook interactive protractor or some similar tool over their pdf worksheets???


Simon on  03 June 09  at  01:20 PM #
Deb, not sure it that comment was "tongue in cheek"... but I hope teachers don't take that option. Hands-on activities emphasise the real-world that we live in, measurements are inaccurate and measuring tools are used everyday in so many jobs.

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