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MathsClass This Week 26 October 2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013 | 0 Comments

This week on MathsLinks

Screenshot of xkcd: Monty Hall

xkcd: Monty Hall 26 Oct 2013

An xkcd comic on the Monty Hall (probability) problem.

Screenshot of Gauging Your Distraction

Gauging Your Distraction 25 Oct 2013 · via Sir Maths Alot

New studies show that drivers overestimate their ability to multitask behind the wheel. This game measures how your reaction time is affected by external distractions. Regardless of your results, experts say, you should not attempt to text when driving.

Screenshot of How fast are your reactions?

How fast are your reactions? 25 Oct 2013 · via Sir Maths Alot

Test your reaction time with this game.

This week on MathsFaculty

Algebraic Manipulation Review ABQuizzes

Content: Quiz, ABQuiz · File type: PDF, SMART Notebook, Word · 6 files · 23 Oct 2013

AB Quizzes : Quadratic Polynomial - Basics

Content: Quiz, ABQuiz · File type: PDF, PowerPoint · 3 files · 20 Oct 2013 · by Nordin Zuber

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