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Wednesday, 24 January 2007 | 3 Comments

There are two search boxes in the right-hand column of this site.  The first just searches this site.  The second is much more interesting.

Called “Search other maths sites”, this search uses Google to find information in a small set of sites specified by me.  Currently, there are 22 sites in the index, a mixture of general maths sites and blogs.

Google CoopThis search engine was created using a new service from Google called Google Coop.

This search engine is collaborative, so other people can add sites to the search.  Just go to the homepage for the MathsClass search engine and click on “Volunteer to contribute to this search engine”.

So far, I’ve found searching a set of sites helpful.  Let me know (leave a comment, or via the contact form) if there’s a good site I should add, or sign-up to collaborate on the search engine.

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Dave Marain on  24 January 07  at  10:57 AM #
thanks for referring others to my blog (MathNotations) good luck with yours – it looks very promising and i know how much time and effort goes into this! the idea of a maths search engine is excellent particularly for teachers looking for focused activities/ideas for a lesson – an ordinary google search produces too much ‘noise’! I’ll look into google coop… Dave Marain
Trevor Simpson on  25 January 07  at  05:05 AM #
A good idea and a well designed site. I’m looking forward to watching it evolve
Tim Dolan on  08 June 09  at  11:23 AM #
You might be interested in my site ( which is a search engine I started a couple of years ago using Google Coop. It has the same aim as your search, to search specific maths websites. Maybe we could collaborate and focus on building one search that would then be more useful?

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