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Mathematician’s Dice

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 | 4 Comments

Feeling nerdy? Backing this project on KickStarter will get you a Mathematician’s Dice for just $5 (2 for $10, 4 for $20).

Rather than the boring numbers 1 to 6, these dice have the six most important numbers in mathematics on them — i, 0, 1, φ, e and π!


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Tim on  26 January 11  at  08:10 AM #
I would have put -1 on it.


Simon Job on  26 January 11  at  09:03 PM #
To represent negative numbers or for another reason?
Tim on  26 January 11  at  10:44 PM #
To represent the __concept__ of negative numbers, numbers that don't exist but allow you to express vectors efficiently. It would also mean you could write e ^iPi^ = -1 which summarises (almost) everything you need to know. I don't have much use for the Golden Ratio.


Simon Job on  26 January 11  at  11:17 PM #
Yeah, the Golden Ratio is a strange inclusion, maybe because the creator is an artist.

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