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Letters and Numbers

Thursday, 09 September 2010 | 1 Comment

Jeff of Webmaths points out a new Australian TV show, Letters and Numbers.

I’ve watched a couple of episodes online (for readers outside of Australia, you are probably not able to watch the video). The show has just two games, one involving letters and one involving numbers. Jeff points out that the numbers game could be an engaging activity for that end of the day lesson.

Updated: I’ve made a version of this game available online at MathsStarters – The Numbers Game.

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Jeff Trevaskis on  14 September 10  at  11:38 AM #
Thanks for the mention on your blog Simon! One of my students claimed that the show is "lame" but I still think it is worth using. The student was still happy to engage in trying to reach the target number though! Cheers Jeff.

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