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Annual Report 2008

Sunday, 25 January 2009 | 5 Comments

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Sarah Cannon on  25 January 09  at  04:38 AM #
Simon, I love the annual report to see what people highlight from their year. Seeing the stories of your Sarah and being a new parent is fun. I like how the squeal slide captures a specific moment, that I can imagine happening over and over again.
A. Mercer on  25 January 09  at  05:21 AM #
Gorgeous slides, very pleasing to the eye. For information, I like the "progress report" on her growth metrics especially. I love the "cheeky" humor of the nappy slide.
Simon on  26 January 09  at  08:37 AM #
Thanks for the comments. Sarah, it's nice to hear what you got out of the squeal slide. I wasn't sure if it worked. Alice, the nappy slide was fun to make, and a bit staggering when you realise that's only 3 months worth!
Kate on  28 January 09  at  01:11 PM #
Simon - Excellent work, I really like them. My favorite is the first (flickr) slide, because it took me a second to figure it out, and then it made perfect sense. I think my least favorite is the weight/length, but just because you placed the independent/dependent variables opposite where I'm used to seeing them, so at first glance it looked like height/weight were decreasing over time. But overall nicely done, they certainly tell a story.
Simon on  29 January 09  at  08:01 AM #
Kate, you're right about the weight/length chart. Naughty me, I'm teaching graphs at the moment, so I should know better.

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