A blog about teaching and learning in a maths classroom.


Friday, 25 January 2008 | Comments

MathsClass is about teaching and learning in a maths classroom.

2014: In recent years my online focus has been in developing a network of maths websites, "the MathsLinks Network".

When I first started this blog (2007), my intention was to write about using technology in the maths classroom. However, using technology in the classroom wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. This blog shifted focus to being more generally about teaching in the maths classroom.

This site will be a place for gathering ideas, sharing what works and listening to the experiences of others (i.e. you, feel free to comment).

Posts will be a mix of…

  • using technology to create lessons and lesson materials
  • using technology as part of a lesson activity
  • linking to websites with resources for teaching or online interactive site

and more generally

  • lesson ideas and resources
  • reflections on what I’ve found works and doesn’t

I’m a fairly practical person, and this will be obvious in this blog. Most posts will hopefully be something you can use tomorrow, or the next day.

SimonMathsClass is written by Simon Job, a teacher in his eleventh (2016) year of maths teaching in a public high school in Western Sydney, Australia; previously an electrical engineer working in telecommunications and IT.

The posts and comments I make on this blog are made in a private capacity and do not represent the official view of the NSW Department of Education (DoE).

Creative Commons License

Creative Commons License
Downloadable files on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Australia License.

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Simon Job — eleventh year of teaching maths in a public high school in Western Sydney, Australia.
MathsClass is about teaching and learning in a maths classroom. more→


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