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2009 Edublog Awards Nominations

Saturday, 05 December 2009 | 1 Comment

Here are my nominations for the 2009 Edublog Awards.

Best individual blog

dy/dan – Dan Meyer
Whether teaching or working for Google, Dan is paving the way for the rest of us.

Best individual tweeter

Darcy Moore
Wise and a nice guy.

Best new blog

Webmaths – Jeff Trevaskis
A nice balance of thinking and practical.

Best resource sharing blog

The Exponential Curve – Dan Greene

Most influential blog post

A Fifth-Year Teacher’s Creed, Dan Meyer
And so I tell myself: Be less helpful.

Best teacher blog

f(t) – Kate Nowak
Realistic and always interesting.

Best educational use of video / visual

What can you do with this?, Dan Meyer’s series.

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Matt Townsley on  06 December 09  at  03:55 AM #
I, too, thought that Dan's "be less helpful" post was insightful. Thanks for sharing your edublog nominations and supporting so many math teachers. 😊

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