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Number of the Day (junior)

Sunday, 02 August 2015 | 0 Comments

Just added to MathsStarters: Number of the Day (junior) is for Stage 2/3 students (Years 3 to 6) covering:

  •  represent numbers of up to four digits using objects, words, numerals and digital displays

  •  identify the number before and after a given two-, three- or four-digit number

  •  count forwards and backwards by tens and hundreds on and off the decade

  •  arrange numbers of up to four digits in ascending and descending order

  •  use place value to partition numbers of up to four digits

  •  round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred or thousand

[MA2-4NA; ACMNA052, ACMNA053. Reference: NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum, Mathematics K-10 Syllabus]

Screenshot of Number of the Day (junior)

As always, feedback and suggestions welcome.

Magic Vs - Year 5 Lesson

Thursday, 23 July 2015 | 0 Comments

Screenshot of Magic Vs SMART Notebook file.Today I had the fun of 20 Year 5 students in my classroom. I used the Magic Vs problem from NRICH. NRICH have lots of good leading questions, solution discussions and videos. There was lots of great thinking and discussion.

I made a SMART Notebook file to aid the discussions, available on MathsFaculty.


Lists on MathsLinks

Friday, 10 July 2015 | 0 Comments

On MathsLinks there is a new feature to create Lists. Lists are, like they sound, similar to a wishlist or shopping cart - you can create a list of links chosen from MathsLinks.

MathsLinks is already extensively catalogued, so you can already find resources related to a Syllabus outcome or Maths topic. A list allows you to personalise.

Here, for example, is a list I created of resources I use for teaching Year 8 Equations and Inequalities.

Below is a ~4 minute video explaining lists:

MathsLinks Feature: Share to Google Classroom

Monday, 06 July 2015 | 0 Comments

Many teachers are now using Google Classroom to connect with their students. Recently Google added the ability for external sites to share to your classroom. I have added this functionality to MathsLinks.

Say I wanted to share a link I've found on MathsLinks with my class. Click the share button and choose Google Classroom Icon Google Classroom from the dropdown.

Sharing to Google Classroom screenshot

When you click Google Classroom Icon Google Classroom a new window / tab will open where, if you're already logged in to Google Classroom, you are given an option to choose from your classes and share the item as an assignment or announcement. A gomaths link is shared, which means your students are taken straight to the linked resource (not the MathsLinks page).

Share to Google Classroom Screenshot Share to Google Classroom Screenshot

As always feedback is welcomed.

Bingo: Trig Exact Values (Radians)

Friday, 26 June 2015 | 0 Comments

I've had Make bingo for trig exact with radians on my To Do list for a while.

Over on MathsStarters Bingo, I've added a Trigonometry Exact Values (Radians) game. The degrees version has been there for a while.

MathsStarters Bingo screenshot

Students really like Bingo, so it's nice to have a game for seniors.

If you're not familiar with this game, students draw a 3 × 3 grid and fill it with 9 answers from the first screen of the game, e.g. from this game…

…a student's grid might look like this:

Example bingo student grid

Teacher presses Start, and the first question appears.

MathsStarters Bingo screenshot showing the question cos (4pi/3).

Our example student can cross of -½ (only once). The teacher can decide on the rule to win (e.g. first to complete a row, a column all their whole grid).

As always, feedback is welcome.

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